Arcadia Albany Apartments

The proposed Arcadia Albany Apartments will firmly establish quality high-density residential living as a desirable option within the new Albany City.

A large void in the façade of the apartments will allow penetration of sunlight and entry into the central courtyard where an overall balance of hard and soft landscaping has been achieved with private, semi-private and public spaces suitably defined by a perimeter walk and planting. The central courtyard has been designed to provide a variety of spaces for different users and different forms of passive recreation and social interaction including a pool with elevated sun terrace, extensive areas of lawn and a petanque terrain.

The design extends into the streetscape with feature paving, planters and street trees creating a forecourt area to the ground floor commercial space. This will provide the opportunity to utilise this area for activities such as café spill and encourage an ‘active edge’ along the main street frontage.