Waharau Regional Park

Waharau Regional Park extends from the gravelly shore of the Firth of Thames into the eastern foothills of the Hunua Ranges. The brief was to redesign the arrival zone to make it more user friendly and effective for park visitors and to integrate it with recreational opportunities within the park and further into the Hunua Ranges.

The project involved the preparation of a concept development plan to portray a vision for the development and future management of the arrival zone and surrounding area, and to identify specific project tasks to implement the overall concept, which can be carried out as time and money allow.

This included designing the arrival zone and providing linkages between park information centres and park activities. Key components of the design were retaining open space areas and view shafts, protection of the foreshore urupa, vehicular access, bus and car parking, and specimen tree planting for shelter and ecological / amenity value. An extensive open space network and walkway system was also incorporated into the design.