Manukau Harbour Coastal Reserves

The Manukau Harbour Coastal Reserves include recreation, local purpose, scenic and esplanade reserves which are located along the northern coastline of the Manukau Harbour extending in an easterly direction from Green Bay to Hillsborough Bay.

The reserves are a component of a dynamic and sensitive landscape which forms an integral part of the wider Manukau Harbour and surrounding environment. The coastal edge is coming under increasing pressure from urban expansion and recreation demands. In order to protect the natural character and environmental qualities of the area clear directions for its future management needed to be developed.

The successful management of the reserves is dependent on the implementation of a holistic approach. The management plan for the Manukau Harbour Coastal Reserves (Avondale | Mt Roskill) seeks to address and resolve a number of issues inherent within the reserves and to outline a comprehensive approach to the management of the coastal edge in recognition of the diverse characteristics of the individual reserves.