Glenbrook Steel Mill Landfill

Glenbrook Steel Mill is one of New Zealand’s largest industrial sites, producing in excess of 650,000 tonnes of steel for the domestic and export markets a year utilising locally sourced iron sand and coal.

The steel production process produces in excess of 150,000 cubic metres of solid waste per annum. With the existing landfill reaching its design capacity NZ Steel sought to establish a new landfill which will occupy a gully system within degraded pastoral land and have an operational life in excess of 30 years.

LA4 prepared a landscape and visual assessment for the proposed landfill as part of the AEE and assisted in Environment Court mediation during the appeal to the regional and territorial council decision. Integral to the consent process, LA4 also prepared a long term vegetation management strategy to ensure suitable landscape mitigation for the landfill and operation is achieved.